Experienced Training Provider

The Center for Distance Learning (Homestudies) is a part of the ‘Ondernemersschool’, the most important training provider in Belgium and the Netherlands in the field of homestudies, group courses and distance learning.

At our school, you can subscribe for several courses that prepare you for a new career in various business fields. Our homestudies are developed by independent entrepreneurs and teachers with years of experience in practice. They will be happy to teach you the tricks of the trade!

The Center for Distance Learning organizes training courses for both the protected professions (such as baker, restaurant owner, car dealer, …) as for the free market regulated professions (such as communications officer, health consultant, nutritionist, …)
Did you choose a training related to a profession that is not regulated by the government? Then you can take the exam at our school. When you pass the exam, you receive a recognized diploma. This will help you enormously when you apply for a job: it proves that you have enough professional knowledge, and that you possess all the necessary skills to be an asset to the company! Do you want to be self-employed in Belgium? Then all you need is a business management certificate. You can obtain this license through our business management training.

Do you want to obtain a diploma for a regulated profession? In that case, you take an exam at the Central Examination Commission to prove your theoretical knowledge. You can take a free sample test at our school to prepare yourself for the actual exam in Brussels. At the Central Examination Commission, you may get an oral test, a written test, or even both. Our courses prepare you thoroughly for this exam. When you pass the exam, you will not only obtain a diploma of our school, but you will also get an approved business license from the Flemish government. With this license, you can start up your own business (provided you also have the business management certificate), or you can start as an employee (without the business management certificate).

The Center for Distance Learning also organizes trainings and home courses as a preparation for the Flemish Examination Commission of Education. You can obtain official qualifications at a high school level (secondary education). Did you leave school early, or do you want to obtain an additional diploma? This training makes it possible!


Nationally and internationally recognized educational institution

Each course and diploma of the Center for Distance Learning is acknowledged by the Center for Professional Qualification.

Moreover, our diplomas are internationally recognized by the International Association of Professional Education (IAPE), the organization that registers and accredits all training programs worldwide.

The IAPE monitors and evaluates the quality of professional education and thus institutions such as universities, colleges, public and private training providers, teachers and schools for adult education. All the members of IAPE - and by IAPE recognized institutions - meet the strictest criteria through which students and teachers can be assured of the quality of educational services.

ISO 9001-2008 certified

The Center for Distance Learning is ISO 9001-2008 certified. Each year, the school is audited by external auditors. This quality label means that we use all the necessary training resources and procedures to ensure a professional and high-standing education.


Acknowledged by the professional association ‘Wellness Federation’

The Center for Distance Learning is internationally acknowledged for professional home courses. Those who have followed our courses, can be sure of their admission to the professional field and can register with various professional associations.
All courses within the field of beauty and wellness are acknowledged by the ‘Wellness Federation’. This organization checks the quality of the lessons, the teachers and the teaching materials on a regular basis. Anyone who obtains a diploma at the Center of Distance Learning can join this professional association and thus enjoy numerous benefits.


Students who successfully accomplish a training course at the Center for Distance Learning, can subscribe to IVBO. This professional association regularly checks the quality of the lessons, the teachers and the didactic materials. If you have obtained your degree at our school, you can register for this professional association.

The best IT infrastructure and support

The Center for Distance Learning, part of the ‘Ondernemersschool’ offers students the most high-tech servers and IT infrastructure possible. Through super-fast Internet connections, students can log in at our student platform and ask their teachers for help or feedback. Thanks to this excellent infrastructure, we can ensure that every student gets the necessary guidance of their teacher within 48 hours.

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