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Which Courses Can I Take at Homestudies.eu?

The Centre for Distance Learning offers one of the biggest collections of courses when it comes to distance learning. On top of that, we work with professional teachers who have several years of working experience. This safeguards that our courses are not only unique, but also carefully constructed. At the Centre for Distance Learning, we work on our course supply every single day and we ensure its quality. Whether you take an interest in management, animal care or fashion – everything is possible.

Will I Earn a Diploma?

The value or recognition of a diploma differs from training to training. Initially, you should always see if you’re dealing with a regulated or protected job. In Belgium, the government regulates the access for certain professions. For example, you can’t just become a notary, lawyer, real estate broker or a psychologist like that. After all, the government has imposed certain rules for those who wish to exercise these professions. A psychologist, lawyer or notary all need to have a university degree.

Secondly, you need to check if the activity you want to pursue is covered by the establishment law. The FPS Economy and Middle Class regulates a number of occupations within the construction sector (contractor, plumber, electrician), the personal care sector (esthetician, optician), the food sector (cook, baker). Those who are interested in these professions can also count on CDL to get a recognized business license. In that case, you’ll follow a course that was specifically written in order to sit through a successful exam at the Central Examination Board. You can find the full list of protected professions right here.

If you choose a course that covers a regulated profession on the free market, like e.g. event manager, veterinary assistant, human resource manager or administrative clerk, then you’ll sit through an exam at our school. When you pass, you’ll get a recognised diploma, which will easily prove your professional knowledge at job applications. Do you want to be self-employed in Belgium? Then you only need a certificate in business management. This certificate can be quickly obtained through the business management course. Hobby courses can lead to a diploma or certificate. Here, the same rules apply as with the non-protected professions.

How Can I Register for a Course?

Enrolling is easy, it only takes the next two steps: First, you fill out the online application form. After that, you’ll receive an automatic e-mail from us. In it, you’ll find all the needed information on how to complete the payment. When the school has processed your payment (usually after three workdays), a confirmation letter is sent to the address you specified. You can also always stop by the secretariat to enroll on the spot. If you want to subscribe like this, you can only pay the registration fee by debit or credit card.

Can I See the Course Materials in Advance?

You can always stop by one of our offices for a personal tour. Then, you can also calmly look into the courses. On top of that, you can always have a noncommittal conversation with our course advisor about the courses. This way, you can definitely make the right decision.

Do I Need Anything Extra for this Course?

The Centre for Distance Learning will send you the complete didactic material through BPost or another delivery service. In the course package, you’ll find everything you need in order to complete your course successfully. In other words, extra investments are never needed. However, you do need an internet connection.

When Are You Open?

Secretariat opening hours Belgium

Antwerp: each workday from 08:30-18:30 and Saturday from 11-16h
Ghent: each workday from 10-17h
Hasselt: each workday from 10-17h
Brussels: each workday from 08:30-17h

Secretariat opening hours the Netherlands

Breda: each workday from 08:30-17h
Amsterdam: each workday from 08:30-17h

How Can I Give Feedback About a Course or Instructor?

For all your questions, remarks and issues, you can always contact the secretariat at our school. Our employees will do their very best to ensure you with the best solution. You can also formulate your remarks or suggestions through the contact form. This way, we can constantly monitor and guarantee the quality of our courses.

How can I Become an Instructor at Homestudies.eu?

The Centre for Distance Learning has a team of professional teachers who are all active as entrepreneurs within their field of expertise. In order to teach, you need to possess the necessary pedagogic qualifications or experience as a teacher. To ensure the quality of our courses, we prefer people who have a minimum of three years of professional practical experience as a self-employed entrepreneur. Should you want to reinforce our team of professional teachers or employees, you first need to send your resume and a motivation letter to recruitment@homestudies.eu

Where Should I Go if I Have a Complaint?

The Centre for Distance Learning aims to achieve the best quality. All employees take your course very seriously and personally. However, we work with people, and people occasionally have a bad day. We want to ask you to always report matters to the secretariat, so that we can take measures immediately. This can happen anonymously, if you would like so. At the end of each course, you also get the chance to evaluate the course and the teacher. This feedback is taken into account before assigning new jobs to the teachers. Should you have complaints about a secretariat employee we ask you very kindly to fill out the form on the feedback page. Your complaint will then end up with the management who will act on it and who will notify the direction if necessary. We do our very best to provide you with an excellent education and we want to improve our quality every day. Logically, your help and suggestions are very welcome.

What are the Terms and Conditions?

For the general conditions: click here.

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