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Independent research has shown that our students are generally very satisfied with the services we provide and the quality of our courses. Our secretaries and employees are trained to help you find the course that is right for you. They will guide you in every possible way during your studies to make sure you have a great learning experience.


External consultants regularly inspect our school to ensure the high quality of our courses. Here are some important statistics from last year’s inspection.

    • Students are satisfied with the quality of the materials and the professional guidance of their personal instructors. More than 91% of the students believe that the instructors are highly qualified and are an important professional connection in their work sector.


    • More than 84% of the students are considering to follow a second course at Homestudies.eu within one year.


    • More than 78% of the students believe that the knowledge they gained during their course is enough to immediately begin working in their field.


    • More than 31% of the students are considering starting a business, full-time or part-time. The other students prefer to continue working as an employee or plan to use what they learned as a new hobby.


      • Students who have successfully completed a course and passed the exam add this skill to their curriculum vitae (89%). They consider a Homestudies.eu diploma to be an important addition to their careers.


    • All respectable companies (100%!) that had their staff follow a course at Homestudies.eu would do this again. Most employers are considering referring other staff to follow additional courses with us.

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The Centre for Distance Learning has ISO 9001 – 2000 certification. This means that the quality of all our training resources and procedures is guaranteed. The courses, the didactic materials and the instructors meet the most demanding requirements. The ISO 9001-2000 certification is a strong quality assurance.


Homestudies.eu is an internationally recognised school. We offer students affordable courses, high quality study materials, professional guidance and a friendly service.

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