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Registering for a course is simple! Choose a course, complete the online registration form and the course materials will be sent to you right away. Your personal instructor will guide you throughout your studies for one year. You can complete the course as fast as you wish, anytime, anywhere.

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Homestudies is a European recognised school. We offer different courses. You study in the comfort of your home, at your own pace and communicate with your instructor via our online student platform. Find a course that’s right for you and increase your career options!

Professional Courses, On Your Schedule

Anyone can take a course with us! No prior age, training or education prerequisites are needed. We’re committed to making training opportunities accessible to everyone! You will study in a flexible way, anytime, anywhere, in combination with your current job or other activities. You can complete the course as fast as you want and take the exam whenever you are ready.

Invest in Your Future

You can get started with your studies at any point in your career. Whether you want to expand your professional skills, get job related training or turn your hobby into your new career, we offer you the lowest prices in Europe for the best quality courses. Check out our Course Offerings to find a course that’s right for you!

Start your own business!

All our courses have been specially developed to provide you with the theory, practice, skills and strategies you need to take your first steps towards entrepreneurship! Our team of instructors is one of the best in Europe. They are all independent professionals who have carefully prepared the best course materials for you with an entrepreneurial mindset!

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